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The aim of the project  "  The Peasant Yard  "  is to promote the life of the Russian village.  The room, which houses the exhibition, is decorated in the style of Russian log hut, the design used mostly wooden structures and original interior.  Greets visitors to guide the project, dressed in traditional Russian costume.  Visitors to the exhibition will be able to not only see the decoration of a peasant’s house, learn about the peculiarities of life of inhabitants of Russia, but also become the master class participants for the manufacture of home-special herbal biosostavov used by our ancestors as a means of hair care products. Present on each exposure will tell on the ingredients used in the creation of biological products for hair care and offered to try to make their own composition based on natural ingredients and natural water source of Shiloach.  For the youngest visitors farmhouses are special programs and the possibility of the manufacture of handicrafts with their own hands.  At the end of the master class * guests farmhouses have a unique experience and knowledge, will be picked up probe created with their own hands bioproduct care, as well as be able to make a portfolio in the Russian national costume.  Master-classes reflect the historical way of life, and all the crafts are made of 100% organic materials.  Interactive Studio  "  homesteading  "   offer the whole family an unforgettable holiday!

In a programme: 

-  a fascinating tour of the museum and exhibition center;  -   educational workshop in the  "  homesteading  "  ;  -   fragrant freshly brewed herbal tea ** with apple pie;  -   a professional photo shoot in the old Russian costumes!  **   herbs are collected specifically within the monastery, as imbued with energy and history of these places.